Major Variables and Analysis Models

Below we have presented the major variables and the proposed analysis models that might be used for a variety of different types of end points that can be anticipated in the LTRC studies.

Major Variables and Proposed Analysis Models





Pulmonary Function Tests

Continuous measures

Chi-Square, ANOVA, and Regression Techniques

Biochemical assays on lung tissues

Continuous and categorical measures collected on lung specimens

Chi-Square, ANOVA, and Regression Techniques

CT scan results and clinical assessments on lung tissues

Ordinal measures collected at baseline

Chi-Square and Logistic Regression Techniques

Clinical evaluations

Dichotomous measures

Chi-Square and Logistic Regression techniques

Use of steroids and other treatments

Categorical measures

Chi-Square, ANOVA, and Regression Techniques


Independent Variables that will be used in these analyses include but are not limited to: Demographic Variables; Clinical Variables (e.g., use of steroids, tissue morphological characteristics; CT scan results; type of lung disease, and stage of disease); Indicators of Genetic Alleles (from PCR on blood lymphocytes).

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