Specimen Collection

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Tissue Specimens

All fixed and frozen tissues that are obtained as part of the LTRC study are prepared according to the instructions given in the LTRC Manual of Procedures (MOP).

Ideally, 100 mg of tissue is collected per fixative. If there is not sufficient tissue for at least one 100 mg aliquot per fixative, sites will priotize a frozen preparation, followed by RNALater, followed by formalin. Note glutaraldehyde specimens and HOPE fixed specimens were discontinued for the LTRC II and LTRC III studies.

The LTRC investigators have set as a goal that the ischemic period for LTRC tissue will be no longer than 15 minutes for Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Lung Biopsy (VATS) and other biopsy specimens.

All tissue specimens will be sent to the Tissue Core Laboratory and stored as follows:

  • RNAIater tissue is aliquoted and stored at -20°C.
  • Flash (snap) frozen tissue is aliquoted and stored at -80°C.
Blood Specimens

Blood will be collected from each participant. Some of this blood will be sent to each clinical center's clinical laboratory for determination of specified laboratory values. The remaining blood will be sent to the Tissue Core Laboratory and aliquoted/stored as follows:

  • DNA tubes are stored at -80°C. Isolated DNA is stored at -20°C in 5 µg aliquots.
  • Serum and plasma samples are stored in 150 microliter aliquots at -80°C.
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