Metadata Report

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing(CET)
Version 2.00

Key FieldField NameFull NameQuestion TextTypeLength and DecimalsExpected
*PROJIDParticipant IDC5Yes
*DTASSESSDate of assessmentD8Yes
CETPROTTest performedIs the test performed as:C1Yes
CETFEV1Best FEV1Best FEV1:N4(2)Yes
CETRAMPRamp rateRamp rate for exercise test:C1Yes
CETCOMPA5 min completedC1Yes
CETCOMPB3 min completedC1Yes
CETCOMPCMaximum completedC1Yes
CETFIO2A5 min F1O2C1Yes
CETBAROA5 min bar pressureN3(0)Yes
CETEQPA5 min equip deadspaceN3(0)Yes
CETSPO2A5 min spO2N3(0)Yes
CETSPO2B3 min spO2N3(0)Yes
CETSPO2CMaximum spO2N3(0)Yes
CETVEA5 min veN5(1)Yes
CETVEB3 min veN5(1)Yes
CETVECMaximum veN5(1)Yes
CETVTA5 min vtN4(2)Yes
CETVTB3 min vtN4(2)Yes
CETVTCMaximum vtN4(2)Yes
CETVO2A5 min vO2N5(3)Yes
CETVO2B3 min vO2N5(3)Yes
CETVO2CMaximum vO2N5(3)Yes
CETVCO2A5 min vCO2N5(3)Yes
CETVCO2B3 min vCO2N5(3)Yes
CETVCO2CMaximum vCO2N5(3)Yes
CETHRA5 min heart rateN3(0)Yes
CETHRB3 min heart rateN3(0)Yes
CETHRCMaximum heart rateN3(0)Yes
CETRRA5 min respiratoryN2(0)Yes
CETRRB3 min respiratoryN2(0)Yes
CETRRCMaximum respiratoryN2(0)Yes
CETSBPA5 min sys bpN3(0)Yes
CETSBPB3 min sys bpN3(0)Yes
CETSBPCMaximum sys bpN3(0)Yes
CETDBPA5 min di bpN3(0)Yes
CETDBPB3 min di bpN3(0)Yes
CETDBPCMaximum di bpN3(0)Yes
CETBRTHA5 min borgN4(1)Yes
CETBRTHB3 min borgN4(1)Yes
CETBRTHCMaximum borgN4(1)Yes
CETLEGA5 min leg fatigueN4(1)Yes
CETLEGB3 min leg fatigueN4(1)Yes
CETLEGCMaximum leg fatigueN4(1)Yes
CETLOADCMaximum loadN3(0)Yes
CETPA1A5 min paO2N3(0)Yes
CETPA1B3 min paO2N3(0)Yes
CETPA1CMaximum paO2N3(0)Yes
CETPA2A5 min paCO2N3(0)Yes
CETPA2B3 min paCO2N3(0)Yes
CETPA2CMaximum paCO2N3(0)Yes
CETPHA5 min phN4(2)Yes
CETPHB3 min phN4(2)Yes
CETPHCMaximum phN4(2)Yes
CETBASEA5 min baseN4(1)Yes
CETBASEB3 min baseN4(1)Yes
CETBASECMaximum baseN4(1)Yes
CETFEA5 min FeCO2N6(4)Yes
CETFEB3 min FeCO2N6(4)Yes
CETFECMaximum FeCO2N6(4)Yes
CETTRM1Did staff terminate testDid the staff member terminate the test?C1Yes
CETTRM1ACadence dropped below 40Cadence dropped below 40 rpm and did not return:C1Yes
CETTRM1BMental confusionMental confusion:C1Yes
CETTRM1CEKG arrhythmiaEKG arrhythmia:C1Yes
CETTRM1DEKG ischemiaEKG ischemia:C1Yes
CETTRM1EElevated blood pressureElevated blood pressure:C1Yes
CETTRM1FLow blood pressureLow blood pressure:C1Yes
CETTRSPSpecifyIf Other, Specify:C100Yes
CETTRM2Did part terminate testDid the participant terminate the test?C1Yes
CETTRM2ADyspnea or short of breatDyspnea or shortness of breath:C1Yes
CETTRM2BDizziness or lightheadDizziness or lightheadedness:C1Yes
CETTRM2CChest painChest pain:C1Yes
CETTRM2DLeg fatigueLeg fatigue:C1Yes
CETTRMSPSpecifyIf Other, Specify:C100Yes