Metadata Report

Environmental Questionnaire(ENQ)
Version 1.00

Key FieldField NameFull NameQuestion TextTypeLength and DecimalsExpected
*PROJIDParticipant IDC5Yes
*DTASSESSDate of assessmentD8Yes
ENQHEATStove or fireplaceHave you ever used a wood or coal burning stove or fireplace with an open flame in your home?C1Yes
ENQYRS1Number of years 1N2(0)Yes
ENQUK01Unknown 1C1No
ENQDEV1Humidifier or vaporizerHumidifier/cool mist vaporizer:C1Yes
ENQYRS2Number of years 2N2(0)Yes
ENQUK02Unknown 2C1No
ENQDEV2Sauna or hot tubSauna/hot tubC1Yes
ENQYRS3Number of years 3N2(0)Yes
ENQUK03Unknown 3C1No
ENQMOLDMold or mildewDid your bathroom(s) or basement ever have visible mold or mildew on indoor surfaces?C1Yes
ENQYRS4Number of years 4N2(0)Yes
ENQUK04Unknown 4C1No
ENQBIRDSBirds stay inside homeDid anyone living in your house ever have birds stay inside your home? For how long?C1Yes
ENQYRS5Number of years 5N2(0)Yes
ENQUK05Unknown 5C1No
ENQPLOWPillows with feathersDid you ever use pillows with feathers? For how long?C1Yes
ENQYRS6Number of years 6N2(0)Yes
ENQUK06Unknown 6C1No
ENQYRS7Number of years 7N2(0)Yes
ENQUK07Unknown 7C1No
ENQYRS8Number of years 8N2(0)Yes
ENQUK08Unknown 8C1No
ENQYRS9Number of years 9N2(0)Yes
ENQUK09Unknown 9C1No
ENQYRS10Number of years 10N2(0)Yes
ENQUK10Unknown 10C1No
ENQYRS11Number of years 11N2(0)Yes
ENQUK11Unknown 11C1No
ENQYRS12Number of years 12N2(0)Yes
ENQUK12Unknown 12C1No