Metadata Report

St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire(GRQ)
Version 1.00

Key FieldField NameFull NameQuestion TextTypeLength and DecimalsExpected
*PROJIDParticipant IDC5Yes
*DTASSESSDate of assessmentD8Yes
GRQCOUGHCoughed past four wkOver the last 4 weeks, I have coughed:C1Yes
GRQPHLGMPhlegm past four wkOver the last 4 weeks, I have brought up phlegm (sputum):C1Yes
GRQSOBShort breath past four wkOver the last 4 weeks, I have had shortness of breath:C1Yes
GRQWHZWheezing past four wkOver the last 4 weeks, I have had episodes of wheezing:C1Yes
GRQLREPLung/resp ep past four wkDuring the last 4 weeks, how many severe or very unpleasant episodes of lung/respiratory problems have you had:C1Yes
GRQLONGDuration lung/resp epHow long did the worst episode of lung/respiratory problem last:C1Yes
GRQGDAYDuration good daysOver the last 4 weeks, in an average week, how many good days (with few lung/respiratory problems) have you had:C1Yes
GRQWHZMNWheeze worse morningIf you wheeze, is it worse in the morning?C1No
GRQLUNGLung or resp conditionHow would you describe your lung/respiratory condition:C1Yes
GRQJOBLung/resp impact on jobIf you have ever held a job, check one of these:C1Yes
GRQSITSitting or lying stillSitting or lying still:C1Yes
GRQWASHWashing/dressingWashing yourself or dressing:C1Yes
GRQWKHOUWalking in the houseWalking in the house:C1Yes
GRQWKOUTWalking outside on groundWalking outside on level ground:C1Yes
GRQWKSTAWalking on stairsWalking up a flight of stairs:C1Yes
GRQWKHILWalking up hillsWalking up hills:C1Yes
GRQGAMESPlaying sports or gamesPlaying sports or active games (baseball, tennis, etc.):C1Yes
GRQHURTSCoughing hurtsCoughing hurts:C1Yes
GRQTIREDCoughing tiredCoughing makes me tired:C1Yes
GRQSOBTShort of breath when talkI am short of breath when I talk:C1Yes
GRQSOBBShort of breath when bendI am short of breath when I bend over:C1Yes
GRQDISTCough disturbs sleepMy coughing or breathing disturbs my sleep:C1Yes
GRQEXHAEasily exhaustedI become exhausted easily:C1Yes
GRQEMBRCoughing is embarrassingMy coughing or breathing is embarrassing in public:C1Yes
GRQNUISNuisance to familyMy lung/respiratory problem is a nuisance to my family, friends or neighbors:C1Yes
GRQPANICPanic can't catch breathI panic or get afraid when I cannot catch my breath:C1Yes
GRQCNTRLNot in controlI feel that I am not in control of my lung/respiratory problem:C1Yes
GRQDONTDo not expect betterI do not expect my lung/respiratory problem to get any better:C1Yes
GRQFRAILFrail or invalidI have become frail or an invalid because of my lung/respiratory problem:C1Yes
GRQSAFEExercise not safeExercise is not safe for me:C1Yes
GRQEFRTToo much effortEverything seems too much of an effort:C1Yes
GRQMEDNAMedication not applicableC1No
GRQMDHLPMeds not much helpMy lung/respiratory medication does not help me very much:C1Yes
GRQMDEMBEmbarrassed in publicI get embarrassed using my lung/respiratory medication in public:C1Yes
GRQMDEFFSide effects from medsI have unpleasant side effects from my lung/respiratory medication:C1Yes
GRQMDINTMeds interfere with lifeMy lung/respiratory medication interferes with my life a lot:C1Yes
GRQLTWDLong time to wash or dresI take a long time to get washed or dressed:C1Yes
GRQBATHECannot batheI cannot take a bath or shower or I take a long time:C1Yes
GRQWKSLOWalk slowerI walk slower than other people my age or I stop to rest:C1Yes
GRQHSJOHousehold jobsJobs such as household chores take a long time or I have to stop to rest:C1Yes
GRQSTAIRTake stairs slowlyIf I walk up one flight of stairs, I have to go slowly or stop:C1Yes
GRQHURRYSlow down when hurriedIf I hurry or walk fast, I have to stop or slow down:C1Yes
GRQHILLSDifficulty walking hillsMy breathing makes it difficult to do things such as walking up hills, carrying things up stairs, light gardening such as weeding, dancing, playing golf or light sports such as horseshoes:C1Yes
GRQHVYLODifficulty heavy loadsMy breathing problem makes it difficult to do things such as carrying heavy loads, like digging in the garden or shoveling snow, jogging or walking briskly, playing tennis or swimming:C1Yes
GRQHVYLADifficulty heavy laborMy breathing problem makes it difficult to do things such as very heavy manual labor, riding a bike, running, swimming fast or playing competitive sports:C1Yes
GRQPLAYCannot play sportsI cannot play sports or active games:C1Yes
GRQOUTRECannot go out recI cannot go out for entertainment or recreation:C1Yes
GRQOUTGRI cannot go out groceryI cannot go out of the house to do the grocery shopping:C1Yes
GRQHOUSECannot do household choreI cannot do household chores:C1Yes
GRQMOVECannot move farI cannot move far from my bed or chair:C1Yes
GRQACTAActivity AActivity A:M4No
GRQACTBActivity BActivity B:M4No
GRQACTCActivity CActivity C:M4No
GRQBREPBreathing problemNow, would you select which you think best describes how your breathing problem affects you:C1Yes