Metadata Report

Six Minute Walk Test(SWT)
Version 1.00

Key FieldField NameFull NameQuestion TextTypeLength and DecimalsExpected
*PROJIDParticipant IDC5Yes
*VISNOVisit NumberC4Yes
*DTASSESSDate of assessmentD8Yes
SWTPROTPerform as LTRC ProtocolIs the test performed as:C1Yes
SWTSATRNO2 SaturationIs resting O2 saturation at least 88% after appropriate O2 titration?C1Yes
SWTFLOWO2 liter flow at restO2 liter flow at rest:N5(1)Yes
SWTBORGBBorg scale breathlessnessBorg scale rating for perceived breathlessness at rest:N5(1)Yes
SWTND1Not doneC1No
SWTBORGFBorg scale at restBorg scale rating for leg fatigue at rest:N5(1)Yes
SWTND2Not doneC1No
SWTEXRO2 flow during exerciseO2 liter flow during exercise:N5(1)Yes
SWTDISTDistanceTotal distance walked:N4(0)Yes
SWTTERM1O2 saturation at termO2 saturation at termination:N5(1)Yes
SWTTERM2Borg scale breath at termBorg scale rating for perceived breathlessness at termination:N5(1)Yes
SWTND3Not doneC1No
SWTTERM3Borg scale fatige at termBorg scale rating for leg fatigue at termination:N5(1)Yes
SWTND4Not doneC1No
SWTREASATest lasted six minutesTest lasted six minutes:C1Yes
SWTREASBChest painChest pain:C1Yes
SWTREASCNear syncopeNear syncope:C1Yes
SWTREASDAtaxic gaitAtaxic gait:C1Yes
SWTREASELower extr claudicationLower extremity claudication:C1Yes
SWTREASFMental confusionMental confusion:C1Yes
SWTREASGPart refused to continueParticipant refused to continue:C1Yes
SWTREASHLeg FatigueLeg Fatigue:C1Yes
SWTREASIStaff requestStaff request:C1Yes
SWTREASPSpecifyIf other, specify:C50Yes
YYBORGBHidden field for SWTBORGBC1No
YYBORGFHidden field for SWTBORGFC1No
YYTERM2Hidden field for SWTTERM2C1No
YYTERM3Hidden field for SWTTERM3C1No
SWTSPLLegacy specify fieldM4No